Wednesday, June 30, 2010


There's no crying at Wimbledon, Roger!

Holy Moly! What's in the world's water? Every overpaid top sports star seems to be losing their mojo or something- en masse!

Today's Loser is.....drum roll please.....ROGER FEDERER!

Surprise victory for Tomas Berdych at the Wimbledon Quarterfinals today! 6 time Champion and Tennis Mega-Super-Star Roger "The Fed Express" Federer gets to go home to Merka and the new twin baby girls. Either it's his age, his mindset or something but Fed seems rather set on being a husband and father and has definately lost his mojo.

Yesterday Andy Roddick lost making today's Federer loss even more bitter. This may have given young Andy a chance had he made it one more round. Whoa.

Also at Wimbledon, other upsets include: Venus "I'm not a man, but look like one" Williams, Kimmy "Wimbledon made me play two consecutive days, WTF?" Cljisters, Justine "I'm not a skeleton, I just look like one" Henin and BOTH WILLIAMS SISTERS OUT OF THE DOUBLES FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY. WOW.

Right now, Rafael Nadal is LOSING, down at least 1 set. And look for big Wilfried Tsonga to oust Brit fave Andy Murray for another upset.

This is all on top of World Cup disasters: Andy "I can't score a fucking thing" Rooney of England and Cristiano "Stop calling me greasy" Ronaldo of Portugal scoring a whopping ONE goal between them. Each makes over $50 Million in ANNUAL salary BEFORE endorsements. Way to show you actually deserve it, guys!

Next up is Tour De France. Let's hope Lance can even stay on the bike!

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