Thursday, August 5, 2010

Has Lance Armstrong Been Lying All These Years?

"Say I doped again...Go ahead. I double dog dare you!"

The witch hunt known as the Federal USDA probe into Lance Armstrong doping accusations is Living Strong. Not only will it not go away, it's going ahead full steam.

Armstrong's attorney's accuse the USDA of offering a "sweetheart deal" to any and all cyclists who will testify that Lance is a doper.

So far, there have been bites! Rumor has it that at least one person has come forth and spilled his guts. He alleges that not only did Lance take illegal performance enhancing drugs, but that he encouraged the entire Postal Team to dope as well and that the funds raised from selling racing bikes went solely into this "doping regimen" program.

Hearsay and rumor so far, but how long or how in general is Lance going to defend himself?

Well, to start he has about 15 years worth of doping tests that ALL - EVERY SINGLE ONE - CAME BACK CLEAN AS A WHISTLE. Negative for testosterone, EPO, HGH..., you name the initials and the tests can PROVE that Lance had a clean system.

So? Well, disgraced and pariah cyclist Floyd Landis alleges that the athletes literally inject themselves with clean blood moments before doping agents take their sample.

Really? Ewww...

If that is true, then cycling has more to worry about than doping.

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Anonymous said...

Armstrong is going to get nailed. First he gives himself a dreadful disease by injecting steroids then he makes millions off of beating the disease.

More power to the USDA. Lots of people lie but we do have a thing called the LAW in the u.s. Even rich athletes are subject to the law.