Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Love Weiner!

Congressman Anthony "Bad-Ass" Weiner for President!

This fucking guy is screaming for MEDICAL CARE FOR 9/11 EMERGENCY RESPONDERS.

Remember the first hours and days of 9/11? Remember when they said "Everyone is a New Yorker now" and remember how people came from far and wide to clean up the debris? Well, WEREN'T THEY SUCKERS! The government won't pay for your hacking respiratory illness that you have from World Trade Tower Dust. You're screwed!

And that's why Weiner is speaking up. Those soft and fuzzy, don't you just love 'em Republicans, in their undying passion for conservatism don't want to pay for medical care for "the idiots" that showed up to NY to help. It's too hopey, changey and too unamerican to pay for someone else's bills.

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