Friday, August 13, 2010

Vladamir "The Man" Putin

"Anyone who doesn't regret the passing of the Soviet Union
has no heart. Anyone who wants it restored
has no brains."
(Putin, 2007)

It's August and time for old Vlad to show some skin and/or partake in some adventurous Russian shit. Okay, we know he's former KGB, which means he must've tortured and killed a lot of people, but you know, Vladamir Putin is The Man. Holy Cow! This guy is fucking amazing and can do ANYTHING. Here are just a few pics of him doing his thing.

Here he is as Wildlife Biologist tagging Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Swimming the Butterfly Stroke in a cold Russian river. Bracing! Is like spring day in Minsk.

Ah, the softer side. Here he is indulging his inner Da Vinci.

But do not fuck with him! Black belt in Judo! Plus, the whole KGB thing we mentioned earlier.

Just another day in the field, duck hunting. Unlike Dick Cheney, we bet Vlad never shot his load into another mans face.

Deep Sea diving anyone? Who knew he was the Russian equiv. of Bob Ballard?

Or could fly his own fucking chopper?

His other chopper. Do they have Hell's Angels in Russia?

He's great with all animals, but loves his horsey.

He loves his doggy, Koni, too.

He's a top-notch skier. In fact, he's the Jean-Claude Killy of The Motherland. Here he is ready to tackle the Urals.

Oh, and he used to RUN AN ENTIRE COUNTRY.

Not even close to last or least but never forget, he's a Ladies Man.

It's a shame we feel more more "awe" (sarcasm) for this guy than our own Pres, but hey, that's the way the Borsch rolls.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, i have no awe for a murderer.