Tuesday, September 14, 2010



Rafael Nadal is the World's #1 tennis player and ONLY THE 7th IN HISTORY (and the youngest player) TO WIN ALL GRAND SLAMS! CONGRATS, RAFA!!

The off-the-court humble Rafa insists that Roger Federer is still the best in the world. NO WAY, RAFA! You've got the game face to end all game faces plus the goddamn GAME to go with it!

We LOVE Rafa. We miss his teenage mutant ninja turtle look though and would love for him to get it back. At least he is healthy again. And for the record...Roger was the world's best player until Nadal came to play and became the world's biggest monkey wrench to Roger's career. Ultimately, Roger could've/would've dominated the sport MORE than he already has had our little Spanish Bull not been born - this is one of the greatest sports rivalries of all time. With Rafa in the court, Roger better fear. (Note: The Andy's - Murray and Roddick are totally screwed, not to mention Djokovic. The Rafa/Roger thing is way to intense for anyone to even compete with them at this point.)

Roger was 27 before he won all the Slams and Rafa is only 24 yet. He is without a doubt the greatest tennis player ever born.

Who were the other 6 to win all Grand Slams?

Fred Perry (GB): Britain’s greatest completed the set in 1935, aged 26. Won eight slams.

Don Budge (US): Won his fourth different slam in 1938, aged 22. Won all four in 1938 and six in total.

Rod Laver (Australia): The 24 year-old was first man in the open era to complete the feat in 1962. Won 11 slams in all.

Roy Emerson (Australia): The 1964 Wimbledon title completed his full set, aged 27. Won 12 in total.

Andre Agassi (US): Joined the club by winning the 1999 French Open, seven years after his first slam, aged 29. Eight slams in all.

Roger Federer (Switzerland): Won French Open in 2009 to ensure career slam, aged 27. Has 16 slams to date.

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