Wednesday, September 29, 2010


"I'm angry this season!"

Dear Bruno Tonioli,

We love the dramatic and emphatic commentary you make every week as a judge on Dancing with the Stars. That is...usually, we do. Your take-no-prisoner approach to poor Michael Bolton was bullshitty at best and down right bullshitty at worst.

What was going through your mind? It's a celebrity dance show, not the fucking International Ballroom Finals!

You shouldn't send away your paycheck with thoughts of suicide! The celebrities on the show are there for their own PR and money, not to be belittled and humiliated. They are very brave for going through the training and doing ballroom dances in front of millions of on TV.

If course, belittlement and humiliation are par for the course, but to say it to them with such flair was unconscionable. It's only week 2. What exact perfection were you really expecting?

You have to know it's bad when Len Goodman is telling you you're inappropriate.

We feel sorry for Michael Bolton's 90 year old mother who flew all the way in to L.A to see the show and didn't even get a lousy "My son was on Dancing with the Stars" t-shirt.

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