Thursday, September 30, 2010


Comedian Greg Giraldo died this morning of a drug overdose. His Comedy Channel stuff was hilarious. He was the "King of Roasts" prompting the politically incorrect Gilbert Gottfried to twitter this morning "If Greg Giraldo gets cremated will it be the Greg Giraldo Roast?" HAHA, it's never too soon, Gilbert. Greg would've liked that one.

Tony Curtis was HOT, HOT, HOT

Also, on the 55th anniversary of the death of legendary actor James Dean (Sept. 30th), we found out that actor Tony Curtis has also passed away.

With over 100 movies and an Oscar Nomination to his credit, Tony was Hollywood Royalty. He also gave us his daughter, Jamie Lee, who by all accounts is a pretty cool chick.

Gloria Stuart passed away on Sept. 26th. She was best known for playing the older Rose in Titanic. She was 100.

Terry Newton, the FAMOUS British Rugby player committed suicide last week. It's a tragedy that has left England's Rugby and fan world reeling. He was only 31 and left behind at least 2 kids.

Another Hollywood legend of sorts, Eddie Fisher also died this month. As one of Elizabeth Taylor's ex-husbands, he was most well known for being Carrie Fisher's dad.


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