Sunday, June 5, 2011

French Open: And the Trophies Go To...

Congratulations to Li Na, the first Chinese woman to win a major. She went toe to toe with Francesca Shiavone, defending Champion from Italy and won in 2 sets.
Li Na...29 years old and loving it!

And much to our chagrin, our beloved Novak Djokovic lost the semis to Roger Federer who proved why he is the one of the best players of all time. The 4 set match camethisclose to 5 but Novak got in the groove to late to stop the Fed Express (so much for the Yokobabies).

But alas in the Finals today, Roger came out strong but lost in 4 sets to RAFAEL NADAL. The undisputed King of Clay, who with this win, has SIX French Open trophies now. Rafa owns the French Open and has tied Bjorn Borg (with 6) as the King of the French. One day they have to rename Roland Garros to The Rafael Nadal Stadium. He owns it.

Rafael Nadal enjoys chewing on another trophy

RAFA! Rafa looked fucking awesome today, regaining all his speed, skill, energy and passion that he seemed to lack the last few months while Novak was on his Serbian Reign of Terror. While Roger Federer can school a class on Finesse, Style and Grace...Rafa has all the Hard-Core Ability. And it was great to see another Federer-Nadal classic today. The best rivalry in sport.

Fun Fact: Novak turned 25 years old on the first day of the French Open 2 weeks ago, Rafael Nadal turned 25 just a couple of days ago AND Nadal, at the age of 25 years and two days, was just 24 hours older than the Bjorn Borg was when he won his sixth title in 1981.

So Happy Birthday to all three Tennis Legends!

Bjorn Borg in 1981 and Rafael Nadal today, 2011.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal -
"the two greatest players to ever play against each other"

Federer in action today at Phillippe Chartrier Court
at Roland Garros Stadium Paris, France.

Rafa Nadal - Not God or even the Devil
himself could have beat him today
This kid is more than the real deal...
he is on course to be the best player of all time!
"del diablo toro" - The Devil's Bull!

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