Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Live Like a Jackass, Die Like a Jackass

First off, we are sorry for his friends and family who are grieving for Ryan Dunn, one of the "Jackass" crew made famous by their jackass stunts.

We are angry as hell at Ryan Dunn for driving 140MPH while twice the legal limit. What would his friends and family do for the friends and families of someone he could have killed. Never mind that HE DID IN FACT KILL SOMEONE. A seasoned war veteran, no less. Zachary Hartwell was a Navy veteran who served as a gunner's mate in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Zach survived in Afghanistan, defying the odds, only to be killed by his friend after a night of heavy drinking.

How fucking sad and depraved.

They are reporting Dunn had over 23 prior offenses for DUI and speeding in the 13 years before his fatal accident. He WAS a "Jackass"!

An open note to Bam Margera,
Make good and do a PSA against drunk driving. Forgive Roger Ebert and move on.
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Anonymous said...

I totally agree!! This guy was a big JACKASS and he died like one!! He didnt take life seriously and it showed in the end. Bam Margera is how old now?? Grow up a little dude and help kids instead of teaching them its okay to act like a douchebag!! I just thank god he didnt kill someone else on the road. He did wipe out some innocent trees in the process. I feel sorry for his family and friends but i dont feel sorry for him!! His family and friends shouldnt act surprised either.they should have saw this coming!!