Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mom's Pride and Joy

Check out this adorable baby lion from a zoo in Australia! The four week old cub enjoys some time with Mom, Kiamba.

Kiamba is a seven year old lion and this is her first cub. It's a rarity for a lion to only birth a single cub so this little guy or girl is sure to be mom's favorite and get all of her attention.

It is too early to determine the sex of the cub. Mom, Kiamba, is due to be sedated in another 4 weeks so zoo keepers can get a closer look at the new baby and get all of its vitals.

There is an ebay auction going on now and ending June 14, with the highest bidder winning the right to name the new cub.

We think it's a boy...and would name him Leonidas.


Anonymous said...

I agree!! The little guy seems to have that boy look to him. I would name him "CUTE"!! LOL

Anonymous said...

So cute! And Leonidas would be a brillant name!