Friday, June 17, 2011

Sea Shepherds Coming to You This Summer

FROM The Sea Shepherd E-News

The legal bluefin tuna fishing season is over and we are ready for direct action! The Steve Irwin and the Brigitte Bardot are patrolling Mediterranean waters looking for any sign of fishing activity continuing. It was this time last year that we caught an illegal bluefin operation, dove in, cut the nets, and freed over 800 illegally caught bluefin tuna. This year, we hope the poachers won't be so greedy, but we are prepared and we will not stand down!

Thanks to your steadfast support, we are able to defend bluefin tuna and our other clients like the whales, dolphins, and sharks. Sea Shepherd fills a void in the conservation movement. No other organization in the world does what we do, and we couldn't do it with you! Your donations keep our ships at sea and our campaigns moving forward with success. Thank-you!

Also, The Sea Shepherd Event Tour is still happening.
Here is the list of US cities they will visit this summer:


· Jun 18-19 - Vallejo, CA

· Jun 25 - Riverside, CA* *Captain Watson attending

· Jun 25 - Alexandria, VA

· Jul 2 - Golden, CO

· Jul 25 - Denver, CO

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