Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Over, Zahi

It's all over. The Last Great Pharaoh of Egypt is no longer.

Yesterday, in both shocking and saddening news and without any fanfare (and we mean ZERO) famed Indiana Jones wannabee, Zahi Hawass, was told to pack his bags and leave the office he's held since 1969.

He tried to leave on foot but was heckled by protesters so he had to hail a cab and basically run away for his life from what once was the most famous position and highest regarded cabinet in all of Egypt - Egyptian Minister of Antiquities.

He even had his own TV show and clothing line but that wasn't enough to counter decades worth of lies, privilege and cronyism.

It's over, Zahi.

People have felt the same way about Zahi Hawass as we have over the years. Both worshipped and ridiculed, elevated and scorned, his method of so-called Archeology has fueled debate, anger, skepticism and jealousy over the 40 years of his career.

How the mighty have fallen.

A few short years ago, laws were changed in his country to protect his right from forced retirement to no avail. Just 3 years later and he leaves office in a humiliated and down low fashion - no ticker tape parades or state sponsored ceremony of greatness.


Just pack your bags and go, Dr. Hawass.

You're fired.

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