Friday, July 1, 2011

Wimbledon: Men's Semi-Finals Day

Big Jo Tsonga

Our boy Novak!

It's here! Men's Semi final Day at Wimbledon.

First up: Novak Djokovic vs. Jo Wilfried Tsonga

Novak has lost only ONE match since last year and in our eyes is the favorite for this match. Tsonga has the momentum though, having won the match of his life beating Roger Federer the other day and is, as they say, On A Roll.

Should be some of the best tennis yet.

Novak has TWO ways to win the Number One spot.

1) Rafa could lose against Murray. We think the only way Murray could win is if he brought a machine gun to the court instead of a tennis racket...

2) Novak beats Tsonga.

With either of those scenarios Novak will be the world's number one tennis player, usurping Rafa for the first time in two years.

Our other favorite of all time, Rafael Nadal

Go Rafa!

Andy Murray, the Scot with all the pressure.
Can he finally do it?

Poor Andy Murray. His situation is like "always a bridesmaid never a bride". He can't seem to win a major and he needs one badly. He's a great player but just can't seal the deal.

Will it be today against current #1 Rafael Nadal?

We hardly think so. But hey. Rafa could break a leg or something. You never know.

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