Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Days of Our Lives - Reboot Promo



Check out the new promo for the September "re-launch/re-boot" of our beloved serial. Producer Ken Corday has finally brought back so many of our favorites - Carrie and the original Austin, Patrick Muldoon!, John Black and Marlena, Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall (actually we could use less of Marlena) and Jack, MATTHEW ASHFORD!

Finally after ALL THESE YEARS we can get us some Matthew Ashford. He was always the best Jack of them all. Even better than the really cute one, Mark Valley.

Remember the old Days (ha, see what we did there?), with Jack and his old man, Harper?

Here's the promo. Check it out and tell us what (or who) you are looking forward to!

Now, Attention Ken Corday: BRING BACK CHARLES SHAUGHNESSY! Damn it. You KNOW he's really EJ's father! Not Stephano. Not with that British, I'm-Really-Kimber and Shane's-Love-Child accent! You know? We think Stephano stole EJ and raised him as a Dimera when he was really Shane and Kimberly's kid the ENTIRE time.

"Shane" - aka Charles Shaugnessy BEFORE
Fran Dresher got him on The Nanny

"EJ" - Clearly Days needs to make him Shane's long lost son

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