Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jon Benet's 21st Birthday

Murdered beauty queen Jon Benet Ramsey would have turned 21 today.

She was killed, 15 years ago, in her family's Boulder, CO, home and to this day the killer remains at large, unknown and unprosecuted.

Her mother died of cancer in 2006 and just 2 weeks ago her father remarried and is still trying to rebuild his shattered life. Jon Ramsey not only lost Jon Benet at 6 years of age, but he lost his first wife to cancer and his 22 year old daughter in a car accident in 1992. And to top it off, the media portrayed him and his late wife, Patsy as a couple of psychos that killed their own daughter.

It took years and years plus a public apology from the Boulder Sheriff's department to stop all of that.

DNA from the scene is conclusive that NO ONE IN THE IMMEDIATE FAMILY was the killer.

Jon Benet's murder remains an open cold case.

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