Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene Damage

Right now as of 4pm EST, Tuesday 8/30/11:

* 2.8 million people STILL without power - 500,000 each in CT and NY alone
* Governors begging outside utility crews for help
* 38 deaths..so far. People still missing in VT.
* Food being airlifted into Vermont - DOZENS of TOWNS cut off from outside world
* Vermont, Connecticut and New York state left devastated
* Hundreds of roads are impassable
* At least three towns in New York remained cut off by flooded roads and bridges
* During the course of Irene, 7.4 million customers lost power
* Over 1,000 people in NC still in shelters
* NJ and PA residents getting power back just today

In Newfane,Vermont the storm's effects were staggering: About 150 people were unable to drive cars to their homes, 30 of them effectively stranded in theirs, seven bridges were washed out, two homes were knocked from their foundations by surging floodwaters and one 19th century grist mill smashed into kindling wood right where it stood

Oh, and Sebastian Bach lost his house. Boo hoo. Sorry Sebastian, we love you, but we don't really feel sorry for your millionaire ass right now.

We're not sure why people are complaining that Irene was over hyped. Are you kidding? Were you the ones huddled in your hallways and basements at midnight because of Tornado warnings? Tornadoes that struck 3 miles from YOUR home? Are you the ones going without power for the next two weeks with no roads leading in or out of your town? Were you the 9 year old kid killed by a falling tree?

There is no over hyping safety. Period.

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