Monday, November 22, 2010

Death of a President

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot to death today in 1963. We personally have never forgiven Texas or the FBI/CIA scumbags that organized it.

WARNING: The following is extremely graphic!

Look how Jackie tries to flee the car after her husband's head is blown apart all over her. So sad.

Never forget these 2 things.

1) The Secret Service that were supposed to physically ride on the back of the car and run beside it using specifically installed handles attached to the car were intentionally CALLED OFF at the last minute.

The secret service guys were so pissed they kept waving their arms in the air - 3 times to be exact - in exasperation and confusion. Why were they being called off by their boss? Here's the video to prove it.

And 2) Right after JFK was assassinated the United States Treasury was plundered. The paper money that used to read "Payable to the Bearer on Demand" became a useless "Federal Reserve Note" and rumors abound to this day that Fort Knox was emptied out in one night.

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You speak um the truth wise one!!