Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Penis Cemetary of Iran

Attention World Travelers! Looking for that next "hot" destination? The Hajj not for you? Well, look no further - we have got the place for you!

There's an ancient cemetery in Iran that is all the rage today. It's attracting a ton of attention for it's unusually shaped headstones. Penis shaped headstones, that is. And that's not all. Breast shaped stones are also present. The ancient dicks and titties are upsetting to some and blamed for the site remaining hidden from the world for so long.

However, what is repugnant to some is also a magnet for others. Visitors from all over the world are making it the next hottest travel destination. Located in a remote mountainous region of Iran, it is VERY difficult to get to. Penis shaped stone seekers are making a go of it though.

Khalid Nabi cemetery is hundreds of years old and home to over 600 of these headstones.

We can GUARANTEE that once the Japanese get wind of this that they'll be making their own pilgrimages to this "fertility" site and fucking all over the place! Look out Iran! You thought it was bad now...just wait.

NEWS ARTICLE - A must read!

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Anonymous said...

I bet they would have loved penis cake??