Wednesday, November 10, 2010

He's Done it AGAIN!

What we think he said:
"I told you people, I want my shit back!"
What he actually said:
"I'm going to fight.
I'm going to go and tell the world
that these countries have no right
to these antiquities,"
Dr. Hawass said in an interview.

The Last Great Pharaoh of Egypt has once again cried Thief! and has been heard.

The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art is sending back to Egypt 19 items that they had housed for over 62 years.

Items include "small figurines and jewelry, including a miniature bronze dog, a sphinx-shaped bracelet trinket and a necklace."

Way to go, Dr. H!

No one fucks with The Pharaoh and dares to think they can get away with it!

Dr. Hawass called the return "a wonderful gesture" and praised the Met for its "ethical behavior."

His repatriation campaign has resulted over the years in the return of more than 5,000 antiquities to Egypt, Dr. Hawass claims. The items he is seeking are intended to fill a new national museum in Cairo set for completion in 2013. The 935,000-square-foot Grand Egyptian Museum will cost an estimated $550 million, house more than 100,000 artifacts and will be "one of the flagship institutions in the world," the archaeologist said.

Dr. Hawass, the head of Egypt's Supreme Council for Antiquities, said he envisions the Rosetta Stone, a 196 B.C. text used to first decipher hieroglyphs, as the "natural centerpiece" for the new museum. He also seeks return of a Ramses II statue on display in Turin, Italy, and a statue depicting the architect of the Great Pyramid in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Do you hear that, World? He's coming for YOU!

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