Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Federal Bureau of Intimidation

The Feds better back off, nice and slow.

What happened to cyclist Yaroslav Popovych in late October was completely uncalled for.

One of our favorite cyclists was totally ambushed and harassed by UNNAMED SPECIAL AGENTS when one of the agents just went wonky and cornered Popo's car to serve him a subpoena in the ongoing Lance Armstrong FBI witchhunt.

Witnesses say that poor Popo, in the US to help Lance raise money for the Livestrong Foundation, spent the day with Lance riding and signing autographs for fans at an all day event when all of a sudden, a man charged up to poor Yaroslav demanding something. Who knows? Popo can't even speak English! The other Radio Shack riders were asking what is going on and Popo tried to leave the scene. That's when the Situation turned into a Situation.

Getting into an unmarked SUV, the Special Agent followed the cyclists rental car, cut them off and abruptly and without identification served Yaroslav a subpoena while threatening him to not leave the country or he'd be arrested. Yaroslav must've thought he was back at home...in the USSR.

Popovych's attorney had this to say:

Wednesday Yaroslav Popovych testified for approximately 90 minutes before the Lance Armstrong grand jury. Ken Miller, Popovych's attorney, said he didn't understand why the government would serve the Ukranian rider in Austin when he was only supposed to be in the country for four days, only to make him wait for almost two weeks.

"He arrived on October 21st, was served on the 22nd. And then he had to come out for a grand jury appearance on November 3rd," said Miller. "And he doesn't know anything about what they're investigating."

We just have to say...What the fuck? Are you serious? This is how they are getting the cycling community to testify against Lance Armstrong? Is this really happening in this country? We're never going to sign up for a Tea Party but we're ready for the Revolution, baby!


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