Friday, July 9, 2010


Captain Peter Bethune deported this morning from Japan

He's FREE! Pete Bethune was expelled from Japan this morning and is on his way HOME after months of imprisonment in Tokyo.

Captain Watson is on record saying that Pete is welcome back to the Sea Shepherd's at any time and of course, his expulsion from the group was a planned strategy to make the Japanese Judges think that there was no way Pete was coming back to do more damage. Guess again, motherfuckers! (Although honestly, Pete's wife and kids might have something to say about that!)

This was taken off the Sea Shepherd website this morning:
"Sea Shepherd is proud of Captain Bethune’s achievements and satisfied with the results of this ridiculous trial that saw a man incarcerated for saving the lives of whales, yet ignored the crimes of a Japanese poacher who sank a ship and almost killed six conservationists.

Captain Bethune is free, and that is what matters. Sea Shepherd is free to return to the Southern Ocean again to defend the whales, and we intend to be even more effective next season than during our last highly effective season.

Captain Bethune is an inspiration in courage and dedication, and his efforts, his sacrifice, and his resolve will not be forgotten."

Sea Shepherd's spent close to 1/2 a Mill in legal support for him. Please think about contributing back to an organization that actually goes out and does something!

Don't forget, in the wildest case of coincidence ever - Whale Wars 9pm tonight with the footage of the incident!

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