Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tour Update: Another Lance Armstrong Witchhunt

Lance Armstrong is the most medically documented person on the planet. Aside from the whole "Brain/Testicular Cancer Thing" he has had to test repeatedly over his career for doping. When we say repeatedly, we mean one person, one blood supply, over 500 individually drawn blood tests. NOT ONE POSITIVE TEST.

Lance has proved over and over again through all kinds of doping tests that he never took EPO or steroids or any kind of illegal performing enhancing drug.

However, there is now a Federal Probe forming that will test Lance and subpoena records again...based on Floyd "I'm as ass" Landis babbling about refrigerators full of blood and the Postal Service Team of yesteryear being total complete dopers.

Here is what Lance had to say before today's stage:

"Like I said, as long as we have a legitimate and credible and fair investigation, we'll be happy to cooperate, but I'm not going to participate in any kind of witch hunt," the seven-time Tour de France winner and cancer survivor said. "I've done too many good things for too many people."

Armstrong said stories are being leaked to the media as part of an "agenda" against him and questioned the need for a federal probe. "Would the American people feel like this is a good use of their tax dollars?" he said. "That's for them to decide."

"I don't think the government will build a case on Floyd Landis. His credibility left a long time ago."

"If you think that you have an athlete that's broken the rules - this is not baseball, this is not football ... we have a governing body to deal with that," he said. "I have had 500 (doping) controls in my day. USADA deals with that, the UCI deals with that. WADA deals with that. We have an agency to deal with that. I have no problem playing by those rules."

"As long as I live I will deny that (doping)," he said. "There is absolutely no way I forced people, encouraged people, told people, helped people, facilitated ... Absolutely not. 100 percent."

"I was a rider on the team, I was contracted with Tailwind Sports, I never had any dealings - ANY - with the Postal Service - zero," he said.

"I didn't own the company. I didn't have an equity stake. I didn't have a profit stake, I didn't have a seat on the board. I can't be any clearer than that."

Is Lance lying? Apparently, according to previous statements, he did own a small stake in Tailwind/Postal Team.

Is there a kernel of truth in Floyd Landis? On one hand, how could Lance have evaded the doping controls for so long if he did? On the other, where's there's smoke there's fire.

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