Tuesday, July 6, 2010

R.I.P: Bob Probert

Probert practically killing someone on the ice

This is sudden and tragic!

NHL Enforcer, On Ice Bad Guy and Cokehead Bob Probert died of a sudden heart attack while boating with his family yesterday. How horrific for his poor wife and kids to have to see and deal with it while in the boat with him unable to help. Sad!

No one could fight like Probert. Pound for pound this guy gave and took more blood on the ice than anybody ever in hockey. By the way, he took WAY more than he gave. Probert never gave up a fight. He always, always, always had to be pulled off.

He was also a great hockey player. In the 87-88 season he over 60 points with 29 goals! IN ONE SEASON. Great stats for a goon!

These clips are from the Glory Days of Hockey, when the entire
game would shut down so two grown men could beat the shit out
of each other.

Probert vs. Craig "The Chief" Berube. Total Classics.
And it has, MOTORHEAD!

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Anonymous said...

Thank You for remembering the greatest and toughest fighter hockey has ever known. He won most of his fights hands down and the others just didnt want anything to do with him.He always fought clean too. You will be missed greatly BOB and Thank You soo much for making hockey watchable and fun. My heart goes out to his family for no one should have to see such a thing.