Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rolling Stone Mag's Top 100 Axe Wielders

Wow. We just went through the list of the Top 100 guitarists of all time.

Let's just say we agree with Number One. Jimi Hendrix was ruled. End of story.

It's the other 99 we have a problem with. Almost all of them deserve to be on the list, however, the order and omissions have us wondering WTF?


Grievous Error #1:
No Kirk Hammet. Really? REALLY? Rolling Stone should team up with People and see what other lists they can fuck up.

Grievous Error #2:
We did NOT see Stevie Ray Vaughan on the list. We're starting to think this list is a joke.

Grievous Errors #3, 4 and 5:
We also did NOT see Michael Schenker, Yngwe Malmstein or Richard Kruspe. The list is officially stupid as shit.

How can you crown the top 100 and miss the 5 best guitarists in the world? Out of 100!? 100? And not even an honorable mention.


Dimebag Darrell made the list! Only they put him at 92...? Have you even heard Pantera? 92 is an insult. Pantera.Fucking.RULES.

James Hetfield made it at 87 but since they left off Kirk Hammett does it matter?

Willie Nelson came in at 77 which is 77 higher than it should be. Then again no one's as high as Willie Nelson. We'll let it slide in a show of 420 solidarity.

Slash comes in at #65. We're not GnR fans per se, but Slash at 65?

Tom Morello is #40. Since Tom Morello is not at #2, we officially do not care anymore. The list makes no sense and makes us sad.

Read 'em and weep: Rolling Article

Tom Morello, Harvard Graduate and Rage Against the Machine Guitar God:

Kirk Hammett, Metallica's Ace W/ Lars Ulrich:

Richard Kruspe, one of Rammstein's finest:

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