Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lynn Jones is a HERO

What airport worker Lynn Jones saw a few weeks ago made her take a stand for justice and lost her her job. And for it we consider her a BONAFIDE HERO.

Lynn's job was baggage handler at the Reno-Taho Airport and when she saw the dog crate with an obviously abused dog inside she told her supervisor. He insisted she load the crate anyway telling her it's not her job to question the baggage, just load it.

She took another look at the dog this time noticing it wasn't just emaciated and starving, it had open "sores and its paws were worn raw." She was heartbroken and yet resolved to try to save it.

She battled with her supervisor yelling and crying so loudly that the airport police were called in. They in turn called an animal welfare agency, Washoe County Regional Animal Services, who took control of the dog and Lynn got sent home.

Then she got fired for abandoning her job. Yes, the job that she was sent home for!

The poor dog was nursed back to health by the rescue agency only to be sent back to the abusive owner. The owner is a hunter that regularly ships the dog around the world for his hunts.

Lynn spoke up and she got fired for it. She's a hero in every sense of the word. She refused to stand by and do nothing. SHE STOOD UP FOR AN ABUSED ANIMAL THAT COULDN'T SPEAK FOR ITSELF. GREAT WORK, LYNN!

We're absolutely sure that when this bad PR get digested by your boss's supervisor, he'll be the one without a job and you'll get reinstated.

We must always be looking out for the "little guy" especially when it's an animal that needs help.

Two things need to be taken away from this:

1) Lynn Jones needs to be reinstated and reimbursed for lost time.
2) Animal welfare laws need to be adhered to or written in this case. ABUSED ANIMALS SHOULD NEVER GO BACK TO THE ABUSERS. This dog in question was sent back to the same owner to be starved and neglected again. This is a crime. Lynn herself wanted to adopt the dog. We think she should have it.

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