Wednesday, December 28, 2011

L'Institut d'Egypte Destroyed

December 17, 2011

An incalculable treasure has been lost. Egypt's L'Institut d'Egypte, The Egyptian Scientific Institute, founded by FUCKING NAPOLEON in 1798 was burned to the ground on December 17th.

Everything has been lost although Egyptian "officials" are saying that "Protesters and volunteers have been working non-stop to try and salvage the manuscripts and books."

Here are two pictures of what those books look like now. A library of 200,000 volumes incinerated by fucking barbarians.

This is a tragedy somewhat akin or on par with the Alexandria Library loss.

We are personally devastated by this. The state of Egyptian Antiquities are highly unstable right now. WHERE IS THE PHARAOH?

As soon as Zahi Hawass was booted out, all hell broke loose. This is the worst disaster we could imagine short of a terrorist taking out the Sphinx.

One Molotov cocktail is supposedly responsible for this. ONE.

Dr. Hawass wherever you are, we hope you are able to withstand this senseless tragedy. We know you must be inconsolable or raging with anger. We are so sorry.

We just learned about this today. Does anyone know if this was covered by US media AT ALL?

"On 16 December 2011, Egyptian military forces violently attacked the three-week sit-in at the Cabinet building in Cairo. The protesters were demanding that the military ruling council hand over power to civilians.

Military police and central security forces continued to brutally attack, kidnap, kill, detain and torture protesters at Tahrir and in the surrounding downtown Cairo area, as well as systematically sexually assault and beat women. L'Institut d'Egypte, or the Egyptian Scientific Institute, was set on fire on Saturday morning, 17 December 2011.

L'Institute d'Egypte was a research centre created by Napoleon Bonaparte during the 18th century French Invasion of Egypt. It was home to thousands of rare books and manuscripts, including Napoleon's historic 'Description de l'Egypte.' Protesters and volunteers have been working non-stop to try and salvage the manuscripts and books."

Fucking Heathens! Everything Zahi tried to do for the past 40 years has been virtually wiped out and now this. His once grand Pharonic dream, of a new Egypt with new museums and a new bright future, will NEVER be.

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