Sunday, December 18, 2011

SURVIVOR: Sophie Takes All

The Final Three: Albert, Coach and Sophie

Season 23 ends with Sophie Clarke winning the $1 million bucks in a very close final vote tally. It was actually the closest vote in years, being split between Coach Wade and Sophie.

Alas! Our beloved Coach makes it to the final three and then loses by just a few votes. Poor Ozzy, who did everything possible, came in at number 4 behind Albert.

Coach gave a lovely speech about being The Phoenix rising from the fire right before the final Tribal. He has now gone from being The Dragonslayer to being The Phoenix. He's one of a kind. And he's OUR Winner.

Ozzy. Ozzy. Ozzy. This kid didn't win the $1 Mill in any of the three times he played, but he is definitely a winner. He also gave a speech at the Reunion show about finding God in nature. It was awesome.

Ozzy wasn't the best Survivor Contestant but he is the best Survivor ever. He is the only one of the hundreds of Survivors that could ACTUALLY BE A SURVIVOR. If left to perish on a deserted island, people would be shocked to see him 20 years later, healthy as a horse with a home made beach house.

At the reunion, Coach tried to keep it together but you can tell he thought he was going to win.

Evil Russell Hantz showed up and talked shit about this nephew on live TV. He wasn't proud of Brandon's behavior and style of play and was supremely pissed that Brandon apologized to everyone for being a Hantz. It was crazy and sad and yes, we still love the character of Russell. It's beyond good TV.

Ozzy rules the jungles

It was a great season.

Coming in February, Survivor: One World.

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