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Brett, 35, "has never met another chimpanzee he doesn't consider a friend." Brett is well-known for his paintings - one of his pieces is in the permanent collection at the NOVA Art Museum in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. -
No word on what procedures were used to torture Brett for the 35 years he was held captive and used for "research". But he is FREE now and in a sanctuary enjoying life and retirement. Look at his gorgeous face! We Love him!

The practice of using primates (chimps and apes) for medical research is finally, POSSIBLY, reaching an end in this country!

"Chimpanzee research is rarely necessary for medical studies and should be on its way out", says the Institute of Medicine.


Proposed criteria says that studies that test new drugs or give animals diseases can only be conducted on chimps only if other animals or people can't be used first, and if foregoing the chimp studies would hinder progress against life-threatening or debilitating diseases.

The panel also advised the government to limit use of chimps in behavioral research, saying such studies must provide insights into the brain and behavior that otherwise are unattainable. If behavioral research requires chimps, researchers must use techniques that minimize any pain or distress.

Still not a total ban. And it's sad. The United States of America, who should be setting the gold standard for moral, ethical, logical, humane and decent conduct for the world is still one of only TWO COUNTRIES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD that continue utilize and torture primates for science. It's embarrassing how medieval we are.

New Zealand became the first country in the world to give primates civil rights and ban procedures on them. THE ENTIRE WORLD followed with the "European Union banning such research last year."

Why is the United States so backward?

We NEVER thought we'd be able to say this but....Kudos to Glaxosmithkline - "GlaxoSmithKline recently adopted a policy ending its use of apes and chimps in research."

Fucking A and Amen!

Not all is good: "This report was triggered by backlash over the fate of 186 semi-retired research chimps that the NIH planned to move to an active research lab in Texas to save money."

We must fight for them. Live animals used in research is ethically and morally despicable. THE ENDS DO NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS. What is the point of using the "saving children" excuse when we've lost our souls and humanity in the process? Animal research is passe and obsolete. The United States needs to get with the program.

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