Thursday, October 28, 2010

Archeological Treasure Trove in Jeopardy

An estimated THREE MILLION separate artifacts, found in a grassy floodplain in Australia, face an uncertain future as officials decide to go ahead with pre-planned highway and bridge.

The artifacts, dating back some FORTY-THOUSAND YEARS, offer an unprecedented look into Aboriginal life in Tasmania and Australian history.

Michael Mansell, legal director of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, says: “That’s a place that really strikes at our heart, and is about our identity, our past and our future. When you stand down by that levee, you can feel the presence of our ancestors. This is “cultural vandalism". We thought they would share our excitement about this discovery, but instead they just saw it as a handicap to their highway,” he says. “To them, white heritage is sacrosanct, but Aboriginal heritage, they’re happy to build straight on top of it.”

"If all else fails," says Mansell, "Aboriginal people are prepared to blockade the riverbank and prevent the bulldozers going in."

Damn right! We are appalled at the lack of respect for these cultural antiques. It's the Australian archaeological discovery of a lifetime and if this site isn't worthy of protection than what the hell is?

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