Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We are beside ourselves this week with all of the gay teen suicides. So many lives wasted. Beautiful talented people that are killing themselves at 8, 11, 13 years old! It's a crime against humanity. And it has to stop.

The "It Gets Better" Campaign has seen dozens of celebrities film quick 1 minute video messages for gay and lesbian teenagers, as a way of hope, to let the kids know that it sure as hell DOES get better.

High School is a particular kind of hell. 10% of Americans think that high school was the best time they ever had, while the other 90% of us wonder how the hell we made it through at all.

Teen suicides have always been an epidemic of heinous proportions and there have been numerous programs set up to establish help lines for all teenagers. Gay youth however, face a different kind of hell. It's one thing to be called fat...you can lose weight. You can be called a whore or slut...and know better. You can be called ugly...and wait until you get those braces off. How do you counteract the taunts, the bullies making fun of what you fundamentally are? As a kid, you can't. You internalize. Your microcosm of a life, doesn't allow you the experience to really know better. To know that there is a WIDE WORLD out there and places where you will feel accepted. Instead, you think there is no way out and end your life.

This is tragedy beyond belief, the talented, sensitive people we have lost and the bullies (misguided youth themselves) that are left behind.

So we SALUTE TIM GUNN and the other celebs willing to put their own hearts into messages of hope - That IT GETS BETTER.

Tim's video was released today and we were super-emotional when viewing it. Tim describes how he once attempted suicide as a 17 year old in despair. It's moving. Tim Gunn is the personification of intelligence, composure, thoughtfulness and gentility. We are graced with his presence here on Earth and cannot imagine a world where he once existed as a tortured kid that killed himself. TAKE HEED!

We love you Tim. Thanks for doing your part to help!

The Trevor Project

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