Thursday, October 28, 2010


The Emperor

Reports of The Emperors death are high exaggerated!

To the dismay of EVERYONE, reports had surfaced earlier in the week that the magnificent wild Stag nick-named "Emperor" was killed by trophy hunters during rutting season in Britain.

Thought to be the largest wild animal in the British Isles, Emperor weighs around 300lb and stands 9ft tall from the ground to top of his antlers. He is a truly majestic animal. Gorgeous!

Everyone was grief stricken and in despair over the senseless culling of the beast. However, even though it was a legal kill and his head and antlers are worth thousands of dollars to trophy hunters, not one person came forward to claim responsibility. Experts were upset that the stag had yet to breed this fall and unable to pass on his genes to another generation.

Yesterday additional reports surfaced that maybe he hasn't been killed after all. Several Brit farmers claim to have seen The Emperor in their gardens and back yards, leading to speculation that HE'S STILL ALIVE.

The farmers in the area are fiercely protective of him and until we get a confirmed sighting, it may still be up in the air. We are hopeful!


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