Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler

Examine the above video closely. You can see a woman enter the frame and walk past the zebra holding a "cell phone". She looks like she is talking to someone on a cell phone in 1928.

So far experts are at a loss. The video comes from extras included in a DVD release of a silent Charlie Chaplin movie titled "The Circus". The extra footage is from the premiere release of the film and shows the exterior of Manns Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The footage is not the actual film The Circus but of additional real-life footage from the premiere. This footage became available when the Charlie Chaplin box set was released.

The video is legit and not doctored. Opinions vary as to what the woman in question is actually doing.

Theory #1: She's a time traveler speaking on a real cell phone
Theory #2: She's a schizophrenic talking to herself
Theory #3: She's just listening to a portable radio and talking to herself
Thoery #4: It's a 1928 hearing-aid, which at the time were HUGE

What do you think?

Remarkably, this is not the first time traveler caught his year. Early in April the above photo surfaced. It was taken after the 1940 reopening of the South Fork Bridge in Canada. It shows a crowd of people watching the bridge and in that crowd is a young man in a t-shirt, "hoodie" and sunglasses.

The man doesn't blend in with everyone else and looks exactly like someone today, unlike everyone else in the frame that look VERY 1940's. The guy sticks out like a sore thumb. Photoshop!

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