Friday, October 22, 2010


This is a post about Wayne Rooney. But who wants to see his Fugly Face
when we've got DIEGO FORLAN to look at?

Holy Rollercoaster Ride, Batman!

Wayne Rooney, spoiled upstart star striker for Manchester United has had his wounded pride licked clean by Sir Alex Ferguson and has signed a FIVE year extension deal for millions of dollars to remain at Man U until 2015.

After this weeks earlier hissy fit, we had hoped ol' Roo would hit the road. Alas it is not to be.

So let's forget Rooney and his hawk-wife Coleen and concentrate on something good...let's play where in the world is DIEGO FORLAN?

When we last left off, the gorgeous Uruguayan footballer and former Manchester United striker had just won the GOLDEN BALL for his incredible scoring streak at the 2010 FIFA South African World Cup. Nowadays, Diego is with the Spanish club Atl├ętico Madrid and has helped them to a 2-0 win over Internazionale to win the The European Super Cup (UEFA Super Cup), this past August.

However, ever since, Forlan has been in a super-slump that has seen him scoreless in the past 8 games.

In the news just today:

"(Forlan's boss at Atl├ętico Madrid), Sanchez Flores also backed striker Diego Forlan to end his scoring drought after another blank made it eight games without a goal for the Uruguayan.

"Sometimes you have to have patience with him,'' he said. "I think he will be a very important player throughout the season.''

Sergio Aguero, who came on for Forlan midway through the second half against Rosenborg and scored a minute later, added: "People say he is tired but Forlan is a key player for us."

Not the best of news but certainly not that bad. There's still a long season to go and we bet he'll snap out of the slump soon.

As it is a post about Rooney after all, here's a look at him and his boss and his beautiful-out-of-his-league-hawkish wife, Coleen.

Sir Alex and Wayne Rooney kiss and make-up
See the smile on Wayne's face? 25 Million will do that to a person.

Coleen "I'm not a hawk, I just look like one" Rooney

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