Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rooney wants OUT

Wayne "Fugly Mug" Rooney

That's right, folks. Wayne Rooney, star striker for the most famous soccer club in the world, Manchester United, has told the club manager Sir Alex "The other other Fergie" Furguson that he wants to be let go.

We actually think Wayne needs to be let go, but hey we're American and have little to do with The Premiere League. (Except to say "GO ARSENAL!!)

Wayne Rooney made Tiger Woods headlines last month when not one but two prostitutes came forward to say they slept with him. His wife, Coleen, famous for something we don't know what, was NOT amused. She declined to divorce him - after all he's super-filthy-mega-wealthy-rich- and the two have been in couples therapy since.

He also made headlines during World Cup this past summer when he and his teammates put on the worst Three Lion Club (Man U) showing in the HISTORY OF WORLD CUP.

Since WC, there hasn't been any luck for the Voted Most Fugly Soccer Star. He supposedly hurt his ankle and was pulled from games but denied being injured, leading may to wonder...does Management have it out for him? He was pulled from the pitch for the prostitute thing. Management - Fergie - saying they didn't want him to suffer any more humiliation. LOLs!

We don't hold Rooney in high regard. Our advice to Fergie - "Let him go."

Chelsea and a dozen different clubs are drooling to get him. Bye Wayne!

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