Friday, October 8, 2010

Well, Shiver Me Timbers! It's Captain Sparrow!

We have to give kudos to Johnny Depp for surprising a London middle-school with an impromptu (and heartwarming) visit from "Captain Jack Sparrow".

Although, undoubtedly the worst pirate you've ever heard have heard of him.

Johnny Depp, currently filming another Pirates of the Caribbean sequel at the Old Royal Naval College in London, received an unusual fan letter the other day.

It was from 9-year-old Bea Delap, a student at the Meridian school in Greenwich (southeast London). She wrote "We are a bunch of budding young pirates. Normally we're a right handful, but we're having trouble mutinying against the teachers. We'd love it if you could come and help."

Help indeed! Giving the school officials a scant 10 minutes notice, Johnny arrived in full costume and character to surprise Bea and her entire class with a lesson in mutineering. He called out Bea by name and asked for her to come up to the front of the class where he thanked her for her awesome letter and said he was going to frame it. He then gave her a hug, undoubtedly making it the best day of her 9 year old life.

Johnny then helped the students pen their grievances and demands: "We shall take over the school, and we shall eat nothing but candy, and all of our teeth will fall out."

Everyone had a good laugh and then "The Captain" talked the kids out of mutiny saying: "You may want to lay off the mutiny today because police outside are monitoring me. I wouldn't want you to get into trouble."

Johnny Depp arrived with several other extras and production staff, putting on an entire 15 minute impromptu show for the students and equally astonished teaching staff.

That's truly awesome.

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