Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Zahi Hawass Egypt Update

This link has a video direct from Al Jazeera on the Egyptian Museum looting as well as the front page article on the looting of the Cairo Museum.

Also the article quotes Dr. Hawass saying his "heart is broken" and his "blood is boiling." Full quote is actually: "My heart is broken and my blood is boiling. I feel that everything I have done in the last nine years has been destroyed in one day," Hawass wrote.

It's a mixed bag article on Dr. Hawass, as many of ours are. You love the guy and hate him at the same time. Many Egyptologists are hopeful this spells the end of his reign.

They are also saying the museum looting "was an inside job by guards and police. I've also seen rumours on Twitter that the vandalism was done by the Mubarek regime as propaganda against the protesters." There is no evidence to support this although that would be one reason Hawass has his panties in a bunch.

They also assert what we have already stated here at The Omni Report, which is Dr. Hawass faces a long uphill battle to get "his" antiquities returned now. A battle he is sure to lose.

Also they state the fact that Dr. Hawass is practically in love with Mubarak regime.

Reports are surfacing that antiquities are being looted across the country.

Once again:
This link has a video direct from Al Jazeera on the Egyptian Museum looting.

Updates from The Pharaoh himself: link to

This is the BEST place to get official updates. Zahi is blogging his brains out via fax to his buddies in Italy who are maintaining his website for him while his other buddy Mubarek has cut it off.

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