Friday, January 28, 2011

The Day a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Got a Water Cannon to the Face

Egypt's Day of Rage is happening live as we speak and it's ugly and unspeakable.

"Police also used water cannons against Egypt's pro-democracy leader Mohamed ElBaradei —a former U.N. nuclear watchdog and Nobel Peace Prize winner. Police used batons to beat some of ElBaradei's supporters, who surrounded him to protect him. A soaking wet ElBaradei was trapped inside a mosque nearly an hour after he and his supporters were water cannoned."

This is a travesty.

Egyptians want their 30 year long President, Hosni Mubarak, out of office, citing that he has had 30 years to change the status quo and has done nothing for the people, but feed his own bank account. He is currently in hiding under house arrest and has sent his family to England for protection.

We know the United States is upset and wants President Hosni Mubarak to stay in power but you gotta be behind an uprising that comes from the people that just want to be able to feed themselves and not live like dogs in the street. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and Mubarak has spent the last 30 years living the high life, ignoring the needs of the people. It's time for him to go.

In an interview broadcast live on YouTube, President Barack Obama said the anti-government protests filling the streets show the frustrations of Egypt's citizens. "It is very important that people have mechanisms in order to express their grievances," Obama said.

Yeah and we have the Tea Party. Look for an American Revolution soon.

"It's time for this government to change," said Amal Ahmed, a 22-year-old protester. "I want a better future for me and my family when I get married."

These mass demonstrations were all started by a Facebook group for change. This shows how the power of social media is supposed to be used, not to tell people you just had dinner or have the day off and that stupid shit. Egypt has "shut down the Internet" in hopes to stop this rebellions communications but that has failed.

"Still, the collective Internet body has rallied all week in support of the Egyptian protesters, providing routes around blockages and proxy service, even continuing their battle after this morning's outage. Currently, European HAM radio operators are being recruited to set up a alternative communication system for protesters, since most mobile networks have been blocked from providing SMS services."

These demonstrations are happening all over Northern Africa, starting with the Tunisian uprising last week. They are happening in Jordan, Algeria and Yemen, too. We are on the cusp of a MAJOR shift in power across Northern Africa and the Middle East. This is really important.

We can't help but think of the great Dr. Hawass during this time of unrest and riots. We bet the house he has "dig he must get to" and high tailed it out of Cairo and is resting comfortably in the desert with some mummies and local Bedouins eating camel stew right now.

BREAKING: Mohamed ElBaradei, Nobel Peace Prize winner, is out of the mosque and under house arrest! This is for his protection, not actual arrest.

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