Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mamma Mia! Jersey Shore Heads for The Mother Land

Be prepared for an International Situation!

It is being rumored that season 4 of the Jersey Shore will be filmed in Italy. We find this a great idea because maybe they will stay there permanently.

We kid. This show actually cracks us up every week. Yes, it's disgusting the way they sleeze themselves out, but in all actuality they are really funny kids and sweet in their own way.

We can imagine Snooki being arrested in a foreign country.

Will Vinnie's famiglia show up and cook something awesome? Will they go to a soccer match? Can they even handle foreign drinking establishments? What will they do when they find out real Italians aren't anything like the "guidos and guidettes" they think they are?

More likely they will not even get past airport security. And if they do, they'll die when they taste the food. Love it or leave it, Italy has the BEST tasting most delectable food in the world!

It sounds like it could be interesting.

UPDATE: This has been confirmed by MTV programming vice president Chris Linn.

Fist pumps all around!

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Yeahhhh!!! I heard the pope has already booked them to appear before him without their T-shirts on!! That is MVP of course...LOL. He could care less about the ladies.