Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg's Response to Carriage Horse Death

Is infuriating! According to the Mayor of New York in response to a ban on carriage horses, said...drum roll please..." (they) probably wouldn't be alive if they didn't have a job".



Oh, and "(they're) part of New York's heritage".

Ok. Let us reply to that, Mr. Mayor.

1) To imply the horses wouldn't be alive if they weren't pulling carriages is ludicrous at best and downright ignorant at worst. He clearly thinks this incident is a joke and part and parcel of being a horse in NYC.

2) To say horse drawn carriages are part of New York's heritage is totally correct, HOWEVER, to quote New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio from this Huff Post News Article:

London, Paris, Las Vegas, Toronto and Beijing -- New York City's chief rivals for tourism -- have all banned horse-drawn carriages in recent years, and with good reason. Our city's carriage horses work strenuous hours throughout the week and unlike the horses that plied the park a hundred years ago, today's horses travel on hard asphalt roads that wear down and damage their feet.

Horse drawn carriages are more of a London heritgage don't you think, Mayor? And yet, they had the mercy and compassion to see that it doesn't belong in a modern urban city. AND BEIJING (!) banned it?! I guess NY isn't as progressive as Beijing.

Get with the program, Mayor Bloomberg.

Necropsy results on the beautiful white horse that died Monday are still unavailable at this time. We WILL be posting an update as soon as its released.

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