Tuesday, October 11, 2011

National Coming Out Day

We celebrate all of our friends in the LGBT community and cheer for those who have had the courage and fortitude to "Come Out".

We absolutely love you and how fabulous you are and how freakin' fabulous you make the world.

Nothing would be the same without you! Nothing.

To all the "newbies" - congratulations for coming out today and showing or telling the world...even it's one person...that you are what you are. A beautiful human being.

Your courage is contagious.

Be Loud. Be Proud.

Human Rights Campaign - National Coming Out Day

October 20th is "Spirit Day" - click here to learn why you should wear purple!
Bullying is not "just a right of passage". It's systematic, targeted harassment. It wouldn't be tolerated in the workplace and it should not be tolerated in school. It is a hate crime.


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