Friday, October 28, 2011

Sam Jackson is the Highest Grossing Actor of All Time

Academy Award winning actor Samuel L. Jackson is THE MAN.
He is, of course, awesome in whatever he is in.

His movies have raked in over 7 BILLION dollars.

What movies has he been in, you ask?
Here are some little ones you may have heard of. There are dozens more and that's not even counting his Broadway and TV stuff.

Patriot Games
True Romance
Jurassic Park
Pulp Fiction
The Long Kiss Goodnight - one of our FAVES
Jackie Brown
Star Wars 2 and 3
Kill Bill v2.
Iron Man
Inglourious Basterds
Unthinkable - <- Best of his career!
Captain America
(Motherfucking) Snakes on a (motherfucking) Plane
and The Avengers (coming soon)

Here are a few greatest hits and they mostly all contain "Motherfucker"

And thanks to the Internet we now have the Pulp Fiction short version with ALL the motherfuckers! article

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