Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The World Scrabble Championships was the scene of some heavy drama this weekend when a G tile went missing prompting demands of a strip search.

A player from Thailand accused a British player of hiding the tile in his clothing and demanded officials take the Brit to the loo and search him for the tile.

Officials denied the request and the Brit went on to win that match by one point.

Those two did win the tournament however. That honor went to a Kiwi named Nigel Richards who won with the word Omnified. Which makes him one of our favorite people.

Urban Dictionary Definition of Omnified (we aren't making this up!):

Omnified - originated from the word omnia, which is a eupehmism for awesomeness; a ranking of awesomess, the highest.

i.e: George and Jane are the awesomeness of awesome. They must be omnified.
i.e Jake's dating Jemma! That's omnified

How freaking awesome Omnified is that?! We think it's fucking Omnifying!

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