Saturday, October 29, 2011

Top 10 Haunted Places in America

Eastern State Penn - right in the heart of Philadelphia

# 10 Lemp Mansion, MO. This mansion in St. Louis is said to haunted by several members of the family that died there. And by several we mean at least 5. If we owned a kick-ass mansion, we'd never leave either.

# 9 Winchester House, CA - Mad Sarah Winchester built the craziest house in California. It was under construction 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 38 years straight without any kind of letup. It is said the workmen still linger...

# 8 Stanley Hotel, CO - The inspiration for Stephen Kings "The Shining", this gorgeous and strategically placed hotel offers panoramic overlooks of the Rocky Mountains. Strange goings on are reported in several rooms on the 4th floor. Visitor beware...

# 7 Bobby Mackay’s House of Music, OH - A nightclub in the Midwest offering more than just alcoholic spirits. Reported to have a Gateway to Hell in it's basement. Fun!

# 6 Myrtles Plantation, LA - It was built on Indian burial ground, ransacked by Union soldiers during the Civil War and houses the vengeful ghost of a slave woman named Chloe - you know, just another boring bed and breakfast.

# 5 Alcatraz, CA - Al Capone stayed here. Now it's reported to be haunted with unexplained noises scaring the hell out of people to this day...

# 4 Queen Mary, CA - The RMS Queen Mary is a retired luxury liner, permanently docked off the coast off Long Beach. The pool area is said to have several lingering ghosts including a small girl and a woman who dances and dances around the pool. And.. a vortex of energy is said to emanate from the changing area. Last one in's a rotten egg!

# 3 Gettysburg National Historical Park - PA - Every nook and cranny of this small town is haunted. Every inch of the battlefields and woods are haunted and still resonate with the energy of that horrible 3 day battle in 1863. Haunted.As.Hell.Beyond.Doubt.

# 2 Waverly Hills Sanatorium, KY - If you've ever seen a picture of this place, you would automatically know it was haunted. Knowing that well over 5,000 people died here, and that number is rumored to be upwards of 60,000? Than you know. The strange goings on here are downright scary. EVP's, orbs, moving objects, strange noises and voices...Oh and the place has a "Death Chute". Cute, huh?

# 1 Eastern State Penitentiary, PA - This prison from the 1800's is still standing strong and creepy practically in the middle of Philadelphia and is reported to be the most haunted prison in the country. It is almost impossible to walk its long, dark hallways even in broad happy daylight and numbingly terrifying to stay overnight. The last of the prisoners in the 1970's reported that the shadows seemed to "take over" as they were transferred out everyday and as their numbers shrank - the dark sides grew. It reportedly has every single manner of paranormal activity that can be recorded and experienced. Oh and Al Capone stayed here. Some guys have all the luck!

All of these places have Halloween and ghost tours. So go have a scarefully fun time!

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