Monday, October 31, 2011

The Old Jail in Jim Thorpe, PA

The Old Jail Museum

The Old Jail Museum in Jim Thorpe, PA looms over the street from its location high up on the mountain. Built in the early 1800's the jail served the county until it was closed in the 1970's. It's almost impossible to imagine that men were sent here in modern times. The building sits like a medieval fortress.

One of the paranormal events that takes place here began long ago on June 21, 1877, the day four men were executed at the jail. The hangings were simultaneous - all 4 men died at once. One of the men, Alexander Campbell, left his hand print in his cell, #17, in protest of his innocence. A hand print that is visible to this day. Paranormal because the wall has been painted over and re-plastered and it returned. Today it is preserved and not even photos may be taken of it.

The place has a haunted atmosphere. Upstairs, in the main ward is a replica of the gallows from those infamous hangings. Downstairs, the basement cells which served as solitary confinement are chilling. Each cell a dark gloomy pit of fear and loathing.

Disembodied voices, apparitions and ghostly footsteps have all been reported here at The Old Jail. Omni staffers have first hand experience with something weird at the Jail, including hearing footsteps overhead - when the floor above was deserted - and pictures with orbs.

The Old Jail was open for over one hundred years and in that time saw thousands of men languish, fight, live and die there. Regardless of the validity of the Campbell hand print, we would bet it's haunted.

The Old Jail Museum
Jim Thorpe, PA

The Gallows

A basement cell - what do you see?

An orb floating over the floor

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