Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bye-Bye Larry!

Are we the only one glad to see Larry King retire? For years, we've avoided his stupid show because it's just horrible and literally unwatchable.

We always wondered why people actually liked it. He looks terrible and is downright fugly. His voice is an irritating bit of a sandpaper growl. The set, correctly pointed out by Conan the other night, looks like an elementary class designed it using Lightbright. His questions are vapid. He doesn't even listen to the answers being given by any particular guest because he is already reading the next question off or just rudely interrupting. In media circles he is known as the "soft interview" because he just won't ask any relevant questions. His is the first place disgraced celebrities and politicians go when they need to "re-enter" society after some faux pas.

The best part about the Larry King show was when he had guest hosts when he was out. ANY guest host was ALWAYS better than Larry. Especially when it was Jeff Probst.

The worst part is that he has bought into his own "legend" and thinks he is a media god. Actually, the worst part is that people across this country think he is a media god. ICK!

Good riddance.

We don't like Piers Morgan very much either so we can't even get excited by the change. Piers is a pompous ass.

It's no wonder CNN is last in ratings. They need to get with it.

Are we way off-base with this opinion? Does anyone out there Love Larry King? Please tell us why and we'll try not to vomit while reading it. We swear.

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