Thursday, December 16, 2010

SURVIVOR: See Jane Get Dicked, Cry and Then Go OFF

This is Jane. One hell of a tough cookie and Survivor.
She's one of our favorites of all time.

WOW! The "reality" show Survivor never ever ceases to amaze us on EVERY level. After 20 seasons and hundreds of contestants, you'd think it would be over. Been there, done that. Yada, yada. NO WAY!!

We are down to the last 6 remaining Survivors. This is the scrawny, half-starved, desperate stage where each person knows they are basically an inch away from a potential ONE MILLION DOLLAR PRIZE.

Last night, Chase won the reward challenge and selected Holly and Sash to join him for a river cruise complete with hoagies and champagne. The problem with this? He completely dicked over Jane who was one of his alliance. To be honest, so was Sash and Holly, but neither deserved to go on reward more than tough as nails Jane. For an old broad she outlasted ALL of the MEN in one of the toughest physical challenges of Survivor just a few weeks ago. Even Jeff was amazed at how she outlasted men in their prime of life.

So Chase, Sash and Holly go off into the reward wilds with their loved ones. This was the episode where the Survivors families got to see them at last. Always a tear jerker, its heartwarming to see grown men and women sobbing to see spouses and family after 30+ days in the jungle without any contact from them whatsoever.

Poor Jane. She cried a little over Chase's cold shoulder and not being selected to see her family or EAT. For some reason, season after season, these people bond to one another like old college buddies not realizing the entire game is built on deception. The Outwit part seems to escape some of the softies every time and they get their hearts broken. (Remember Coach and Boston Rob?)

Now, the BIGGEST question of all time is why Dan is still on the show. He's one of the "not a threat, under-the-radar" players. But the guy can't even WALK! He's old, got bad knees and can't compete on any physical level at all. Yet, the other players overlook this and let him stay.

When the three came back from Reward, Jane asked point blank "are you writing my name down?" All three start looking elsewhere, scratching their heads and acting stupid like they don't understand English. Where's the improvisation guys? A good Survivor needs to have Shakespearean acting under his belt or look stupid lying to everyone. In this case, the silence spoke volumes and Jane left fuming to the camera about her "homeboy" Chase being a backstabbing bastard. We agreed. We like Jane. We really liked when she flipped off the group with her middle finger. But what she did next, was AWESOME!

Next up, the Immunity Challenge. A blindfolded challenge that Fabio won hands down and eyes wide shut. By the way, the Immunity Necklace is awesome looking this year. Way to go producers.

So what does Jane do right before Tribal Council? A classic move NEVER done before by a bitter Survivor. She took a bucket of water and dumped it on the campfire! The Survivors were pissed! The Lazy Bastards that they are don't want to have to build a new one! HAHAHA! Score for the tough old broad from Carolina.

Off to Tribal where Jane releases a verbal torrent of anger on the Sash, Holly and Chase. She blatantly called out Holly, the previous psychopath who stole Dan's shoes in Ep. #1 and sank them into the river. A $1,400 pair of custom alligator shoes that belonged to Dan. Dan sat there and nodded his head as Jane said that where she comes from that's a jailable offense. Holly looked stricken. Jane continued to vent, going off on the three. "There's absolutely no loyalty in tonight's vote. It's full of liars and backstabbers", she said. She called out their alliance and generally spoke her mind.

WE LOVED every minute of it!

This is where Jeff steps in and just pointedly says "why don't the three of you (Jane, Dan and Fabio) form an alliance right now and vote Holly?" Chase and Sash have immunity idols. "Why not force a tie?" YOU GO, JEFF.

Well, that was not to be. Sash and Chase played their Immunity Idols and Dan and Fabio joined with the other three instead and Jane got booted. BOO!

Finally, Jeff is hinting at something EPIC to be revealed at the LIVE finale reunion show on Sunday. We can't wait.


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