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Zecharia Sitchin - A Tribute

We lost the great iconoclastic author Zecharia Sitchin earlier this year.

At 90 years old this passing was hardly tragic, yet the loss was no less shocking and terrible. Why? Because Zecharia Sitchin was one of a kind.

He was one of the few people on Earth who was fluent in modern and ancient Hebrew, able to read and write in other Semitic and European languages and was able to read and understand Sumerian.

He subscribed to and believed in what we call "The Ancient Astronaut Theory." Basically, this is the belief that the Earth has been visited in the past, millenia ago, and they influenced mankind and civilization. Zecharia Sitchin takes this one step further asserting that the aliens CREATED Homo Sapiens through genetic manipulation of Homo Erectus over 300,000 years ago.

Let's begin at the beginning...Sumer.

Sumer is known today as the country of Iraq in the Middle East. It is said "History begins at Sumer" and it is believed to be mankind's first great civilization. Indeed every thing that makes a civilization a civilization was created, invented and first used in Sumer.

What do we mean?

Sumer as mankind's first great civilization has given us the following (And this is the short list):

The invention and development of writing (cuneiform) including the printing "press." The wheel, the kiln, bricks, cement, metallurgy, weights and measures. Cities, high-rise buildings, streets, marketplaces, granaries, wharves and international trade. Grade schools, colleges that taught amongst others, botany, zoology, geography and theology and medical schools that taught anatomy. Medicine and surgery. Temples, organized religion and ceremonial procedures. Textiles, agriculture, irrigation and gourmet foods. Carts, ships, navigation and record keeping. Kingship, laws, courts, litigation, lawyers and juries. Music, musical instruments, musical notes, dance, acrobatics, artinsanship and love songs and love poems. Domesticated animals, zoos, and farms. Warfare, prostitution, taxes and pay schedules. Mining, astronomy, astrology, the zodiacal circle, mathematics, time, the 360 degree circle, chemistry and the use of petroleum products for fuel.

They had impressive food preparation methods for converting grain into cereal and cereal into flour creating breads, porridges, pastries, cakes and biscuits. They fermented barley into beer and grapes into wine. From farm raised cows, goats and sheep, they procured milk and created yogurt, cheeses, butter and cream. They ate fish, lamb, pig, geese and ducks. They made pastes of honey and cream and served roast beef with beer and wine. Indeed a millenia old recipe for "Coq au vin" has been translated.

Their uses of oxen, wheels and carts are the first recorded "locomotion."

They are credited with the first bi-cameral congress (government), the first literary debates, the first farmers almanac, the first library and catalog, the first social reforms and the first ever quest for world peace and harmony.

Many Sumerian tablets recount "biblical" events millenia before the Bible as we know it today. These tablets refer to the first "Job", the first "Noah", the creation of man from the "Lady of the Rib", recount The Flood and are known today as the Chaldean Genesis.

The Sumerian civilization peaked over SIX THOUSAND YEARS AGO. Right around 4,000 B.C.

In other words, Sumer was everything we consider ourselves to be as a civilized people. They had laws that punished those "who took advantage of a widow", they punished charlatan surgical doctors, and had some medicines that were made in pill form or were powders to be mixed with milk and honey.

And from this first great civilization we have a written record of their religions, Gods and creation. Easily the first reports and accounts of The Gods, predating the Hebrew Jehovah, The Indian Brahma, The Mayan Quetzacoatl, The Incan Viracocha, The Nordic Thor, The Akkadian Ashur, The Egyptian Ra, The Greek Titan, The Roman Saturn, and the Babylonian Marduk.

And what the Sumerians had to say about The Gods and Creation is ridiculously complicated and utterly amazing.

The Sumerians said that "Everything that was made beautiful was made because of the Gods."

Enter Zecharia Sitchin.

His series of books, The Earth Chronicles" details these "myths." Zecharia Sitchin's gift is allowing us to interpret these stories not as myth, metaphor, symbol or legend but as fact, literal, truth and deconstructed interpreted symbolism.

Thirty years of research led to his first book, "The 12th Planet." This is a balls-out crash course on the Sumerian Gods, The Annunaki. Translating thousands of Sumerian cuneiform tablets, cylinder seals and records, Zecharia Sitchin, tells us about who the ancient Sumerians believed to be their creators. The Annunaki. Meaning, "Those of Heaven who are on Earth" or "Those from Heaven to Earth Came", they are the Biblical Nefilim, "Those Who were Cast Upon the Earth."

"The 12th Planet" describes an undiscovered planet in our solar system inhabited by the Annunaki. The Annunaki left this planet called Nibiru and came to Earth 400,000 years ago searching for gold to restore the atmosphere of Niburu.

The Annunaki mining team rebelled at some point forcing the Annunaki leaders to create a hybrid "worker" being. Created by blending the rib DNA of Annunaki with primitive men, they called this being "The Adam" meaning Earthling.

Over time they refined this mule type being to a reproductive one eliminating the test tube process altogether.

Many years later the Annunaki granted man Kingship over itself and endowed us with knowledge of civilization (see the Sumerian firsts).

They taught us how the solar system came into being, how the Earth had originally been much larger and was split in two with one half shattered into the asteroid belt. This creation epic, The Enuma Elish, gives astrophyiscists much pause for it accurately in scientific, albeit symbological detail, answers many questions regarding the Solar System. These question include: Why our satellite the Moon is so much predominately larger than any other planetary satellite compared to their own planets, why some planets have a reverse orbit and rotation, Pluto itself - moon, asteroid or planet, and most importantly of all, why Earth has such large oceanic cavities, meaning why is there so much ocean on one side of the planet compared to the other.

This book is most compelling, astonishing and when read with an open mind a paradigm altering experience.

Zecharia Sitchin's second book, "The Stairway to Heaven", recounts humanities quest to attain the immortality of the gods. The garden of Eden, Gilgamesh and Alexander the Great are discussed at length.

Once again a gripping, mind-bending, eye-opening look at what we really are and where we have come from.

His third book, "The Wars of Gods and Men", exposes written documentary evidence of past Annunaki warlords who leveled wars against themselves destroying our ancient civilizations with nuclear warfare.

This is also the first book of the Earth Chronicles to include a timeline of events.

Discussed are the Eastern Indian Gods (all Annunaki), their wars, The Pyramids at Giza and their real purpose and what really destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

The fourth book, "The Lost Realm's", introduces "The New World" Gods.

Who or what was Quetzalcoatl, the Mayan Feathered Serpent God? Is El Dorado, the fabled lost city of gold, a reminiscent legend of Annunanki gold mines? Teotihuacan is an exact replica of our solar system. Who built it? When will modern society "see" the advanced technology right in front of our eyes? How did the Maya have a Venusian calendar accurate to modern scientific standards?

Zecharia Sitchin connects the Sumerian Gods with the ancient founders of the Meso-American civilization.

The fifth book of Sitchin's Earth Chronicles, "When Time Began", recounts once again in "easier" format the basic foundations of the first book reiterating the creation of man by extraterrestrials from Nibiru.

Expounding on Stonehenge and including Macchu Picchu it discusses how ancient monuments are meticulously and accurately aligned to celestial counterparts. It is a must read for anyone interested in pre-historical megalithic architecture. Why is mankind fascinated with the solar system? How much do we consciously in the past and sub-consciously now miss our creators, the Annunaki?

Book six, "The Cosmic Code", redefines history as we know it. What do the the ancient Egyptian stories teach us about DNA and test tube incubation? What does our DNA say about us? Are the three letter Hebrew root words (the language of the Bible) and DNA (the genetic code of life) 2 sides of the same coin?

This is a super fascinating read that anyone remotely interested in history will enjoy.

Sitchin's next book, "Genesis Revisited" is an intensive discussion of the DNA/human creation story beginning with a recap of the "Phobos Incident" and examining the Hebrew Bible and Genesis, it's creation story. The Phobos Incident was the 1989 "lost" Russian Mars moon explorer and it's broadcasted UFO photos. This was preceded years earlier with the NASA announcement of a 10th planet in our solar system that has since been retracted. What does NASA know about Nibiru? It was at this time that Ronald Reagan started publicly talking about aliens. Is anything coincidence?

Were space travel, genetic engineering and computer science known to our forefathers millenia ago? Exposing scientific facts by re-reading the ancient texts with a modern eye, Zecharia Sitchin completely overturns the conventionally held traditions by uncovering long held secrets of ancient technology. The Sumerian Seven Tablets of Creation describe the creation process in 6 tablets with the 7th being a tablet of praise for the Gods. Isn't this where we get our 6 day workweek, one day of rest and Sunday worship of God? Remarkably mind blowing.

Sitchin's book, "Divine Encounters", explores how God communicated with Adam and Eve, the earliest reports of spacecraft - Ezekiel of Biblical fame, prophet visions, Angels and their messages and amongst more, God's plan.

This book includes the AMAZING "Endpaper - God the Extraterrestrial." This booklet delves into the major question in all of the Earth Chronicles. Is the Hebrew God an Annunaki?

The resounding answer: NO!

The Universal Creator, God, created the Annunaki who in turn used their science to create man by breeding Annunaki DNA with primitive Homo Erectus millenia ago. Life on Earth was already evolving as it is on countless other worlds. The Annunaki who we call Gods, worship the Universal Creator God, Yahweh. We can liken it to a chain of command. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God... but he created all forms of life, some that go and create others from the exsisting gene us, mankind.

His concluding book to the Earth Chronicle Series is, "The End of Days." This book discusses Armageddon and the Prophecies of Return.

The first chapter does a great job of summing up the basic Annunaki story. In easy to understand language Zecharia Sitchin once again explains the planet Nibiru, its inhabitants the Annunaki, their need for gold and the creation of the Adam, modern man.

He continues his groundbreaking work through archeology and ancient text translations, delving into the 2010 prophecies and their relation to the return of the planet Nibiru.

Interesting is the correlation of the biblical prophet Ezekiel's written testament of Armegeddon (reiterated in Revelation) beginning in Persia (Iraq) and ending with the annihilation of Har-Meggiddo (Part of Israel). This could be "ripped from today's headlines". Current Iraqi leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad publicly states he is not developing nuclear weapons while also publicly promising to "wipe Israel off the map" with them.

Will the crossing of Nibiru cause major cataclysms on Earth? Are the Annunaki coming back at all? Or did they never leave in the first place? Does the Phobos Incident prove they have been watching us all along?

"Journeys to the Mythical Past" is a book that reveals the authors near death experience in the Great Pyramid of Giza when someone dropped a large hunk of wood onto his head. It was a closed tour and only certain people knew Zecharia was in there. It cracked his skull open and left him fleeing the country in the dead of night fearful for his life! Paging Dr. Hawass! Paging Dr. Hawass! Who organized Sitchin's trip into the Pyramid that day? Who was pissed that Sitchin would allege that someone other than Egyptians built the pyramid? Not even Sitchin will incur the furthur wrath of the Pharaoh and the question is left unanswered. But we ask, who keeps the Giza plateau in his tight grasp like a warden on lockdown?

This book does expose the mysterious goings on in the Queen's Chamber of the Great Pyramid and continues on to question the hardline of modern Egyptology and it's continued stance that the Great Pyramid is only a few thousand years old and not MUCH MUCH OLDER.

Cylinder seal VA/243 depicting our solar system 6,000 years ago is discussed as well. Sitchin ties together the mysterious Gate of the Sun at Tiahuanacu and the Nazca Lines.

Sumerian cylinder seal VA/243 (4,000 B.C.) that shows the planets
of our solar system around the sun along with their correct SIZE.

His last book, published just this year "There Were Giants Upon the Earth. Gods, Demi-Gods and Human Ancestry: The Evidence of Alien DNA" is an absolute gem.

Zecharia Sitchin exhaustively states his case for his theory that there is at least one Annunaki buried here on Earth. She is a Goddess buried in the Royal Tombs of the Sumerian city of Ur. Ur is most well known as Abraham's birthplace and is mentioned at least four times in the Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible).

Sitchin pleads to have DNA testing done on the body found there, in a certain tomb, to conclusively prove it once and for all.

The postscript for this book goes on to state Sitchin's non-conflict with the Bible and science.

God created the Universe, man evolved on Earth and was then genetically manipulated from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapien, 300,000 years ago. There is no missing link. His lifetime of research has combined and dechiphered The Bible, ancient texts and thousands of Sumerian cuneiform tablets to reach this conclusion.

For the sceptics who think all of this is bullshit, a few points:

1) Every day millions of people around the world eat and drink the "flesh" and "blood" of Christ in religious ceremonies. There are also millions of people who believe in burying a woman up to her breasts in dirt and throwing rocks at her until she is dead. What's more fucked up? Believing that extraterrestrials once visited Earth or modern religious practices?

2) What does it hurt to have an open mind? Is it crazier to believe in aliens or to be a football fan that wears a giant cheese on their head every Sunday?

3) Scientists have barely mapped the human genome and actually believe that up to 75% of our DNA is "junk." This seems to be the most preposterous idea of all.

Our suggestion is to forget even thinking outside of the box - get the hell out of the room altogether, read some Sitchin and open your mind to the possibilities that our reality is A LOT more fascinating that you could ever imagine.

Thank you, Zecharia. You were a most interesting and learned person. Even if you were wrong on all counts, what matters most is that you tried. And if you are right, at all, even an iota, then we are in your debt and you have truly awoken mankind to our destiny.


Archeologists have discovered human remains in an Israeli cave thought to be between 200,000 to 400,000 YEARS OLD. This sets back the date of human evolution to over twice as far back as previously thought and lends credence to Sitchin's Sumerican readings that say that modern humans were created 300,000 years ago. The oldest remains on record go back to Africa 80,000 years ago and were thought to prove that we originated in Africa and migrated. This new discovery resets human history! This may vindicate Zecharia in the long run and prove the Sumarians were truth telling not myth making.


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