Sunday, December 12, 2010

Russia's Got Talent!

When we viewed this video this morning we literally couldn't stop laughing!

That Vladamir Putin is a HOOT! Not only can the guy run a country, tag wild animals as an amateur wildlife biologist, fly airplanes and helicopters, ride motorcycles, kick ass as a black belt in judo, woo the ladies of the world, mountain ski black diamond runs, oil paint, swim marathon laps, deep sea dive, hunt and fish and love all animals BUT the guy is the Russian Susan Boyle AND plays the piano!

Warning: Possibly the funniest/greatest/awesomest thing you'll ever see.
Don't roll over in your grave Fats...this is the Mother of all Tributes!

And he did it all for charity. He was raising money for children's cancer research. Check out all the Hollywood celebs in attendance...Kurt Russell!
And that's Kevin Costner giving a standing O!

WTG, Vlad! We absolutely cannot hide our unabashed love for you! It's amazing how willing we are to overlook that, you know, KGB brutal dictator thing.

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Lord Omni said...

King Omni; fuckin love ya you crazy bastard Putin BTW me you Barack and some bitches need to party in Amsterdam ftw anyhow