Monday, December 20, 2010

SURVIVOR: And the Winner is...


And the Winner is: Jud Birza, the dumb blonde kid known as "Fabio". Clearly the least offensive choice of the final three Survivors, Fabio, at 21 years of age, is the youngest winner in Survivor history.

He didn't play the game as much as he just didn't backstab anyone so there were no ill feelings for him from the jury. However, it still was the closest Jury vote in YEARS, at 5-4, with Chase the good 'ole boy from South Carolina coming in second place.

Sash the backstabbing liar did not get a single vote and tried to sit there while not being embarrassed as the Jeff Probst read off the votes. He failed. It WAS embarrassing.

Jane, the tough old broad from South Carolina won the viewers favorite vote by a landslide, getting more votes than any other Survivor in the history of the show. Well, she did have a funeral for the chickens, which we liked.

The twist for the next season of Survivor is something called "Redemption Island".

Next season when a Survivor gets voted out, they will go to Redemption Island and await the next voted out Survivor. The two will then have to compete against each other. The last Survivor standing at Redemption Island gets to go back to the game and play again at the end.

Sounds interesting...we actually kind of like it.

The other change to the game? With public outcry through the roof over letting the 2 Survivors that QUIT on the jury with a viable vote, the producers have changed the rule. Now when you quit Survivor the producers have the right to just send you home. No jury, no vote. FINALLY!

The new season begins February 16th!

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