Thursday, January 12, 2012

All That is Wrong with the United States of America Justice System in ONE Case

Pop Quiz:

Q: What is the penalty for getting caught with a SHITLOAD marijuana for sale in Alabama?


Q: What's the Ohio penalty for beating your 6-week old baby until he's blind and has permanent brain damage?

A: Eight years - tops. Parole eligibility not disclosed but is an option.

This is what's fucking wrong with this country. Period.

Some asshole in Ohio did this to his kid and only got an 8 year sentence - the MAXIMUM ALLOWED BY LAW. What the flipping fuck? Are you serious?

The Judge in this case was fucking appalled as well saying this:
'You destroyed your son’s life and he’s ruined. He’s blind,' Ruehlman told McRoberts.'(He) won’t be able to function or hardly walk. Six weeks old, beat this kid, page after page of (his) injuries. Broken ribs, Broken skull. Six-week-old little baby. Damaged brain and you only get eight years.'

Fuck you Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin and everyone who is "for the children". NO YOU ARE NOT. If you were, we'd actually have laws in this country that punish those who hurt and molest kids.

Instead you are all giving millionaires tax breaks and working on NOTHING!

War on Drugs? How about we start a new war? The War on Stupidity and Senselessness!

This shit is fucking ridiculous.

Back in the day, Americans knew how to handle this stuff. It was called "this guy got the shit beat out of him before he even saw a court of law". It was ordinary people DOING THE RIGHT THING. Not vigilantism - going out and killing bad guys - but good old fashioned sense. The cops should have worked this guy over. For the little boy who will now need US, (you and me the taxpayers), to pay for his medical care FOR LIFE.

Where is the accountability in anything these days? This is bullshit.

6 weeks old and his own father beat the shit out of him.

The father's name is Nick McRoberts. He's in prison in Ohio and gets out in 8 years. Keep looking over your shoulder, Nicky boy. When the inmates are done fucking you up the ass 7 times a day, every day, for 8 years, you'll have the American Public to deal with.

We'll update with news on the baby and any fund raisers for him.

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